County not taking Agenda 21 seriously |

County not taking Agenda 21 seriously

by Stuart Posselt

I and many others found the actions allegedly addressing the sovereignty busting U.N. Agenda 21 and the International Council for Environmental Local Initiatives adopted March 7 to lack leadership, strength and decisive action – rolling over to the wishes of staff – not to mention staff’s failure to follow the commissioners’ published directive. Yes, the commission voted for the resolution, but they were orchestrated by the staff to do so.

Labeled “Discussion on providing direction to county staff to draft a resolution related to United Nations Environment and Development Agenda for the 21st Century that was adopted by the United Nations in 1992.” (Agenda 21). The resulting instructions to staff from the that meeting minutes attached to the agenda action documentation where the commission “Directed staff to work with Commissioner Penzel on this issue.” From my understanding of the process, staff did not work with Commissioner Barry Penzel on this issue.

Yes, staff met with Penzel and he presented his proposal based upon his comments at the Jan. 17 commissioners meeting.

Staff presented nothing and gave no indication they were going to later write their own resolution which was not discussed at the meeting nor did it have any resemblance to that which Penzel presented Jan. 17 nor at the meeting or follow his objective.

Staff did not work with Penzel, but wrote what they wanted without working with him or seeking his input and ignoring him while preparing their product which he was not offered the opportunity to review and comment.

This is a bigger issue, that of making a policy decision and staff exceeded their authority and violated the commissioners’ directive which poses the question of: Just who is in charge? The worst part is that commissioners rolled over and fell for it instead of standing up for our freedom.

Resolution 2013R-020 makes no mention of and ignores rejecting all the destructive freedom busting strategies of Agenda 21 and the underground efforts of the council. All it states is “There is concern about external influences on local planning decisions in Douglas County Such as … Agenda 21.”

That is not a positive and decisive action, but a comment. Resolution 2013R-020 has no relationship to that directed by commissioners nor that suggested by Commissioner Penzel at the January meeting nor that he subsequently discussed with staff. Land planning controls are but just one element of the 40-chapter, 2,000-page Agenda 21 and the council’s goals.

This reminds me of the Dan Holler administration where he and the staff ran the county rather than staff working for and taking policy direction from you elected commissioners.

Agenda 21 is happening now and will soon come to Nevada and Douglas County.

Clark and Washoe Counties and the cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas are dues paying members of the council and therefore obviously support its strategies. The council has a strategic plan which is not available for the public to see — they are a secret organization.

Remember, Las Vegas has the political muscle to force anything down our throats.

The Republican National Committee, the Republican Central Committee of Nevada, the County Republican Central Committees of Douglas and Clark, the Nevada Federated Republican Women, the states of Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee and Alabama (New Hampshire and Wisconsin working on a Resolution) the Douglas County Republican Women and the Sierra Nevada Republican Women have all adopted resolutions rejecting Agenda 21 and the council. I have talked to a number of groups in Northern Nevada and not one group nor one person has stood up and expressed support for Agenda 21 and/or ICELI and its strategies or presented a resolution approving or promoting them or one single provision thereof.

As I stated at the March 7 board of commissioners meeting, there are many more issues than land planning in the Agenda 21/ICELI strategies, goals and objectives – it is a very active aggressive attack on the very sovereignty of the United States, Nevada and every county and city in the world.

You all have said you support Senator Settelmeyer’s SJR3 claiming Nevada’s constitutional right to its sovereignty, but you fail to support a resolution which rejects a direct frontal attack seeking the destruction of Nevada’s and Douglas County’s sovereignty.

How can you live with such an obvious contradiction?

Douglas County needs to send a loud message to the President, the Congress, The Governor of Nevada and the State of Nevada Legislature that we reject the strategies and provisions of Agenda 21 and ICELI’s attempts to promote their destructive goals and objectives into our country, State and county.

They and the public need to be put on notice of Douglas County’s position against the destruction of our sovereignty.

I appeal to commissioners’ sense of caring for the sovereignty and liberty of Douglas County, the citizens, its agriculture and industries of Douglas County and make decisive and forthright statement rejecting Agenda 21 and the International Council for Environmental Local Initiatives.

I urge the commissioners to not let the staff determine policy, but to adopt another resolution which more accurately addresses the battle at hand just as have the other states, counties and cities.

Stuart Posselt is a Minden resident and former candidate for Douglas County commissioner.