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County Commissioners Represent


If you live in Douglas County, you should know that Don Miner, candidate for re-election to County Commissioner very likely does not represent you. Yes, it is true that he should do so legally and perhaps morally but his voting record and fund-raising activity suggests otherwise.

So, who does Mr. Miner represent? The answer may be found in a review of his official campaign contribution report. Mr. Miner appears to represent two special interest groups. Unfortunately, they are not us. The first special interest group is large developers seeking to pave over every square foot of our beautiful Carson Valley. (They call this progress). The second group is represented by a few wealthy individuals tied to the real estate industry and out-of-town casino owners seeking to make our Carson Valley another Reno complete with uncontrolled crime, failing schools and water shortages.

It seems that Mr. Miner has a very good track record of taking care of his two special interest groups at our expense. What is most disturbing to me though is that there seems to be a strong pattern between the campaign contributions he has accepted from these special interest groups and his voting record. His votes almost always seem to benefit those two special interest groups that are financially supportive of him.

Mr. Miner needs to explain the close correlation between the campaign contributions he has accepted and his voting record to Douglas County citizens.

The next government mandated contribution report is not due until after the election. I call upon Mr. Miner to immediately disclose all contributions received and his voting record. Perhaps it’s just a coincidence but numerous scenarios D of campaign contribution, favorable vote and then more contributions D is too much for me to accept on faith. Frankly, we should encourage the Nevada Attorney General to take a look at these coincidences as well. There may be something very ugly here.

Until we have a complete understanding of the relationship between Mr. Miner’s voting record and all those special interest campaign contributions, there is enormous risk that Mr. Miner is selling us down the rivers. Nevertheless, if you are in favor of Mr. Miner and what his special interest friends seek to accomplish, then please vote for him. What you will get includes uncontrolled growth, a huge increase in the costs of living, more traffic congestion, a bigger tax burden and the loss of the very values that now attract good people to the Carson Valley and Douglas County.

Dennis Favero


Oct. 9