Country first? |

Country first?


Jon Huntsman stated he was “putting country first” when he dropped out of the Presidential primary race and endorsed Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate.

The motto “Country First” is everything we expect in a great democracy, yet Republican leaders have proved beyond a doubt that for them, it is “Country Last.”

President Obama was elected by a large majority of the popular vote. Republicans say he did nothing even though he had a majority in both the House and Senate. However, Obama is the first President who has had to govern by a super majority. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed that he would make Obama a one-term President. How? By filibustering hundreds of bills coming to the Senate from the Democratic House; blocking Obama’s nominees; not being willing to compromise; and doing nothing that would help the majority of the people.

The Great Recession has proved that trickledown economics hasn’t worked for three decades. What was wrong with going back to a tax rate that was set by President George H. W. Bush?

The top tenth of 1 percent has benefited tenfold over the last several years. The Republican leadership sabotaged every effort to grow the economy at your expense to make President Obama a one-term President.

Republicans believe that millionaire CEOs and board chairmen deserve a low tax rate, even when their companies go bankrupt. Yet, laid-off, used-to-be-middle-class people take any type of work and make less than they would on unemployment.

Country first?

Gim Hollister