Consequence of a bad decision |

Consequence of a bad decision

It was a gorgeous Thursday morning to be traveling on Highway 50 along Lake Tahoe. That morning, Carson City resident Hugo Parra-Solis loaded up his work trailer and headed to South Lake Tahoe for work.

Around the same time, a man with multiple instances of driving under the influence, ingested methamphetamine and left heading the other way.

The two men’s lives collided near Elks Point Road on June 13, 2019, when Dominguez failed to negotiate a curve and collided head-on with Parra-Solis’ pickup, leaving his wife a widow … his children fatherless.

On Tuesday, Dominguez, who had been convicted of nine felonies, was ordered to spend 6-20 years in prison for driving under the influence of a controlled substance causing death … Hugo Parra-Solis’ death.

Parra-Solis is not the first person to have been killed by someone who was driving under the influence on that stretch of highway in Douglas County.

Sadly, we are certain that he won’t be the last.

Does someone decide to put every single other motorist on the highway at risk when they get behind the wheel after consuming their preferred intoxicant?

Unless they’re perpetually intoxicated, they are sober when, at some point, they decide their need to get someplace is more important than anyone’s safety.

We’ve no objection to someone enjoying a cocktail. People can get as drunk as they want for all we care, as long as they stay off the roads.

But get into a vehicle intoxicated and you’ve become the unreliable pilot of more than a ton of metal and glass. That’s why Nevada makes a third DUI in seven years a felony. We want people who have a problem to get help. But at some point, people won’t be helped and that’s when they need to be locked up — for all our sakes.