Congratulations on jail award |

Congratulations on jail award

High five, hip hip hurrah and special congratulations to our jail being the best in the USA. That speaks volumes for our Sheriff Ron Pierini and his staff. A special thanks to Captain Jim Halsey, Jail Division Commander, for his long term service and dedication to the department.

A jail is a very important part of law enforcement. It must be run with such high standards so the taxpayers money is spent wisely and not on lawsuits. It is crucial between an arrest and justice court.

We live in a most chaotic, changing world and law enforcement is such an important part of our safety and daily lives as citizens. How lucky we are to live an such a safe community where we can walk, ride, play, go about our daily living and go to sleep at night with a peace of mind knowing we are well protected. Considering the modest staff, budget and the large area the deputies have to protect, we should feel very fortunate and thankful.

Sheriff Ron Pierini’s leadership, Undersheriff Howell, and his dedicated, well trained staff assures us that we are enjoying the best lifestyle possible. Nowadays with domestic violence and mental health issues to deal with staff must be dedicated, trained, experienced and constantly educated to keep up with our ever changing world. Therefore the leadership must be proactive, current and ongoing which is what we have enjoyed in Sheriff Pierini and his dedicated staff who recognizes a possible crime before it happens. We don’t live in homes with bars on windows and doors like a lot of communities.

As a member of the citizen patrol and having attended several law enforcement academies, I have come to appreciate the “behind the scenes” situations our officers face daily. They face adversity daily and yet continue to value and respect the lives of all whether victims or criminals. They know well, what it takes to keep our community safe. Thanks to a proactive sheriff, they stay ahead of the game.

With Sheriff Pierini’s announcement that he will not seek re-election, it is well for us to think carefully about our next sheriff. I, for one, am hoping Captain Dan Coverley who commands the Investigation Division will throw his hat in the ring. He is a longtime law enforcement officer who came up through the ranks, lives and raises his family in our community and is dedicated to our safety and well being. I believe Capt Coverley would continue many of the programs that Sheriff’ Pierini initiated and maintained and also bring new and innovative programs to the force. We need continuity in the transfer of leadership. If the ball is dropped or someone blinks, our community could negatively change quickly. Capt Coverley is current and ongoing with education, training, experience, dedication and passion for the job and community.

People feel safe in Douglas County. We want that to continue. It is good for residents to become involved by volunteering, donating, attending law enforcement academies and being the eyes and ears of their neighborhood supporting our law enforcement personnel. Our input is welcomed. If you see something, say something.

Again, congratulations to the staff who, together, made our jail the best, outvoting nearly 500 other accredited facilities in the nation.

Beverly Giannopulos is a Minden resident.