Conflicts inevitable in planning |

Conflicts inevitable in planning

By far the smallest requests for master plan changes drew the most heated response from neighbors.

While hundreds of acres of land slated for receiving area received very little public comment, requests to convert property to multi-family residential in Minden drew opposition from residents.

The largest of the requests is the conversion of a 24-acre parcel at 395 and 88 from tourist commercial to multi-family.

A decade ago, the proposal to make the property a casino drew substantial public opposition. But when Carson Valley Inn owner Mike Pegram purchased the property it became evident he wouldn’t be seeking another casino just up the road from his main property.

There is definitely a need for apartments in Carson Valley, and it makes sense for those to be in the urban areas. Every person that can be housed in town, who works in town is another motorist off the highway between Minden and Carson City.

And as we’ve heard recently expanding the roadways is an expensive prospect.

We understand residents’ desire to prevent more apartments in their neighborhoods. It’s going to be difficult to balance these issues in Minden where most of the requests are surrounded by single-family homeowners.

Unfortunately, the days when Douglas could establish uses without causing a conflict with neighbors are fast disappearing.

That’s the puzzle county officials are trying to work out in the 20-year update of the master plan.