Commissioners Corner: Stop and remember the reason for the season |

Commissioners Corner: Stop and remember the reason for the season

by Kelly Kite

As we rush head-long toward Christmas, we have to stop and remember just why we celebrate this time of year. We are constantly reminded why we should be totally stressed out with all the pressures to purchase more than can be justified or afforded at the overcrowded stores and malls. The stress that television has told us we should be feeling, how many shopping days until Christmas, prices, sales and stores concerned about total sales for the year. Almost every day we hear how Christmas has become so commercial, we have all lost the meaning of it.

So far, my experiences with shopping this year have been enjoyable. Salesclerks with genuine smiles, courteous and friendly, and fellow shoppers have even been unusually pleasant. I have decided this is either an overall feeling of good will or it’s because my wife did most of the shopping. I truly enjoy the “Merry Christmas” greetings I hear and the wishes for happy holidays that seem to just pass to one another without effort. Could this be the spirit of Christmas that we all feel this time of year? I like to think so.

If, somehow, the Christmas spirit seems to have missed you this year, take a look to the west at the snow-covered mountains. Look around you at the faces of the little ones as they experience new things every day. Listen to the laughter that breaks out when you least expect it. Enjoy a Merry Christmas greeting from someone you don’t know. Then, somehow, a little of the Christmas spirit will get to you whether you are expecting it or not.

If that doesn’t work, and I think it will, just remember why we celebrate Christmas. Remember back to a winter night a couple of thousand years ago. Remember the birth of a child, the child of a peasant woman born in a small village. This child until the age of 30, worked as a carpenter, for three years he worked as a traveling minister. He never traveled more than 200 miles from where he was born and where he went, he walked. He never had a family, never went to college, had no credentials and no property. He had nothing to do with the development of the world as we know it except the divine purpose to which he was born. Yet nothing has so completely changed the course of our lives. Just this one solitary life is what Christmas is all about. Reflect on this one birthday, the birth of Christ.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Kelly Kite is a Douglas County Commissioner, representing District 5.