Commissioners Corner: Remember, the folks who show up make the decisions |

Commissioners Corner: Remember, the folks who show up make the decisions

by Kelly Kite

The year 2000 just seemed to creep in without any of the anticipated fanfare even though Y2K disasters were on the minds of most of us. Impending bank failures, computer shutdowns and food shortages were predicted. Fortunately, nothing of any great significance actually happened.

With that behind us, the rest of the year just seems to pick up speed as we enter the final quarter of the year 2000. Without any warning we are into the final month of a presidential election, an election that all the pollsters are saying is just too close to call. On the state level, the campaign for the vacated seat of Sen. Richard Bryan is closer than originally predicted. Remember, the last senatorial race was lost by less than 500 votes statewide.

Locally, while we have no actively contested commission races, with both Al Wagner and Elaine Smith withdrawing, there are several other races and ballot issues that are extremely important to our county and all of us as its residents.

We have a ballot issue where one faction of the county is campaigning for a sales tax increase to buy development rights to save open space, while another is working equally as hard to say, “Leave it alone, it will take care of itself.”

We have school board elections that are hotly contested in almost all areas. One of those races may end up at the Supreme Court level for a precedent-setting decision regarding the right of a teacher to serve on the board.

We will be electing a new judge for the Tahoe Township for the first time in many years. The two candidates for this position deserve serious consideration by the residents of Lake Tahoe.

There are general improvement district elections in many areas of the county with open seats on their governing boards, the importance of which cannot be overstated. For those who complain that their vote doesn’t count – believe me, it does at this level.

With all that is at stake and with the closeness of so many races and issues, your single vote has much more significance in this election than you might think.

I will not go through the times in history that one single vote has changed the course of history, I’m sure you have at one time or another heard the quite extensive list. Just don’t allow yours to be the one that wasn’t counted.

Please, get out, get informed, get fired up and vote your conscience. With early voting, absentee voting and convenient polling places, voting is easier than ever. Remember, it is your right as well as responsibility to affect the outcome of this election. As recently noted on a popular TV show, “Decisions are made by those who show up.”

How true that is, especially at the local level. Be there and make your voice heard. It only takes a few minutes. Make sure you are one of those who does show up to support the future you envision for our county, our state and our nation. Early voting begins Oct. 21 at the Minden Inn.

– Kelly Kite represents commission district 5.