Commissioner’s corner: Let’s get behind a community center |

Commissioner’s corner: Let’s get behind a community center

by Kelly Kite

As I write this, I should be practicing my golf swing, which really needs a lot of practice, and I’m thinking I should clear the snow off the deck. The problem is, I’ve lived here long enough to know my golf swing will probably not get much better and the snow can and probably will still come for another month. Oh, boy, spring in Nevada!

A bright spot in this cold and windy spring was a free concert at the CVIC Hall about three weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon. A large number of local people were treated to this concert. I say a large number because it was standing room only (a few minutes late put you in the kitchen or on the sidewalk). If you missed it, you definitely missed a great opportunity to hear some of our area’s truly talented musicians. The Carson Valley Pops Orchestra consists of approximately 40 volunteer musicians from the Carson Valley, Tahoe Basin and surrounding areas. The orchestra rehearses on Monday evenings at the CVIC Hall (guests are welcome) and has promised us more free concerts, playing music that we all love to hear.

The comment heard most often at the recent concert was, “We need a community center,” and I have to agree. There are groups within the county currently working toward just such a goal in one form or another and, perhaps, for separate reasons. I would like to encourage them to keep working and maybe consolidate efforts, i.e. music groups, theater performing groups, school district music department, etc. – the list goes on. The theories about how to make it happen are as varied as the ideas on what it should include. Maybe a committee to consolidate these ideas and lay out a plan of attack is in order. A lot of funding ideas have been looked into, some have some merit, some have less, but I really believe that if the community gets behind such an undertaking, a community center could and would become a reality.

Over the past few years and even now, there are smaller, different groups of residents looking at the concept of a community center. I believe there is a lot of community interest in such a project, but we have not been able to bring the concept full circle and make it a community-wide project.

Knowing that the citizens of this area have a way of making things happen, I’d like to help wherever possible in organizing a committee to look into the funding for constructing a center that has something to offer the whole community, from our local performing talent, local youth organizations, our burgeoning senior population, and a possible tie-in with the schools. As I said, the theories and possibilities can get complicated, but a basic start with expansion capabilities could be a reality.

If you would like to help or become a part of an organizing committee, or if you are part of an organized group interested in this approach, I will do what I can to get us started. You can call me at 267-2626, FAX 267-2781 or mail to P.O. Box 2251, Minden 89423.