Comimg to the rescue, yet again |

Comimg to the rescue, yet again

Rescuing skiers who get stuck after wandering out-of-bounds is not an unusual call for the members of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team.

Generally, it is sufficient for the team to find the missing folks, walk or carry them off the mountain back to the arms of safety, where they are greeted by a deputy with a $640 ticket.

Last week that only worked for half of a duo of skiers stuck at the top of Mott Canyon.

Due to medical issues unrelated to being stuck on the mountain, one of the skiers couldn’t be taken out.

And with a storm coming, rescuers couldn’t call in a helicopter to airlift the man to safety.

Instead they hunkered down and rode out the storm in freezing conditions. One thermometer not far from their location recorded 2 degrees.

It also required that Douglas call in help from El Dorado and Washoe counties.

Members of the search and rescue team took the incident in their stride, with one member pointing out that once they were able to get a fire going, things weren’t too bad.

It’s that spirit that makes us so proud of our search and rescue team.

For some folks, nights and weekends are spent at home, enjoying the benefits of central heating and hot meals.

But for the volunteers of the search and rescue, those are the times when a call is most likely to come.

Not to mention the many weekends they spend training for those calls.

We have a tradition of volunteerism here in Douglas, and these folks are among the most committed.

If you or someone you know enjoys the outdoors and helping out when things get rough, applications for the next academy are available at