Column: How is this for coincidence? |

Column: How is this for coincidence?

Mellisa Murphy

Can I just say that this world is full of strange coincidences? I am from the small desert town of Ridgecrest, Calif., which just so happens to be the site of The Record-Courier’s sister publication, The Daily Independent. I never wrote for the Daily Independent, however, the DI published my high school paper, for which I did write.

I wrote the back page for the Burroughs Blockbuster, in which I tackled topics ranging from “who plays the better Batman?” to the implications of changing one’s name to “Trout Fishing in America.” My alternative rip-off title was “Carp Scalping in Yemen.”

I also co-edited the center page at times, my most famous effort being a two-page spread on pirate lore, which I also illustrated. My collaborator and I thought we were on the cutting edge.

Who would have thought that my parents would move here to Gardnerville, and I would be spending the summer after college graduation interning for The Record-Courier?

Most of you who have read my work so far are probably saying to yourselves, “She’s positively brilliant! Why, I haven’t read journalism like that since (fill in the blank).”

Well, actually, after reading the topics of my high school work, some of you are probably saying to yourselves, “Who let that miscreant with a bizarre sense of humor into such an upstanding publication?”

What I say to you dissenters is, we’ve had quite a few laughs here at the R-C, and, although they were almost all at my expense, I do believe that I am well liked. And, since I am having my work published, I can’t be all that terrible.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a flair for drama. Just talk to my parents. I’m the somewhat displaced middle child among five girls.

So, it is with this column that I officially welcome myself aboard.

I do expect that if I’m here long enough, I will come under fire – deserved and undeserved – be praised to the highest extent possible and see my fair share of nudists. Ah, the joys of journalism.

(Mellisa Murphy is a reporter for The Record-Courier.)