Column: Fight terrorism with unity and love for your country |

Column: Fight terrorism with unity and love for your country

by Kelly Kite

Having always considered myself to be a red-, white- and blue-blooded American, even in the 1960s when it definitely was not cool to be so, I can’t remember being more proud to be an American than I am right now.

It’s not just the flying of our flag or the movement back to God and country, nor is it other displays of patriotism that are almost every place you look. It seems to me there’s a little more camaraderie, just a little more courtesy, and a lot more caring about our fellow man.

It was always there, we just needed a reason to show it. I’m just very sorry it had to be such a tragedy, such a hardship and such an almost unbearable loss for so many to bring it about.

We saw that same togetherness on a much smaller scale during the Autumn Hills fire, after the 1997 flood and every other time we have a crisis here in our county. We have special people here in Douglas County, and they prove it with an incredible outpouring of generosity. Now I’m seeing it again, only nationwide, and what a wonderful feeling that is.

Our country has taken its lumps, and we will struggle to return to “normal.” Some who have lost so much never will, or at the very least, “normal” will be different than it was before Sept. 11.

As a nation, we must get back to living our lives. We cannot let the terrorists accomplish their goal! The only way to keep terrorism from winning is to not be terrified.

We must put our confidence in our elected leaders, leaders who for the first time in my memory are united. This must be the first time since World War II that such a display of non-partisan unity has occurred. (Contrary to popular opinion, I was not around then, so that part is speculation.)

Can you imagine what we can and will accomplish against these terrorists with full legislative and citizen cooperation? It is with full conviction that I feel we can defeat terrorism and send a message to the world that an attack on the citizens of this nation will not be tolerated.

Having been in the military during the Vietnam era, I fully understand that it is a lot easier to be a hawk when you have passed military age and will not be the one to go. So, I urge you to keep in your prayers the rescue people in New York, and do not for a minute forget the young men and women who will risk their lives to make us safe.

Support from home is so very important to our military personnel, regardless of their mission. Please remember those who will be going into harm’s way to protect our safety and our freedom.

God bless American and keep us free!

n Kelly Kite represents Douglas County Commission District 5.