Close vote goes to the wire |

Close vote goes to the wire

We think that no matter what happens with the District 1 county commissioner race we should be prepared for a recount.

As of Tuesday night, challenger and recent Douglas County arrival Danny Tarkanian was up 12 votes on Commissioner Dave Nelson.

Over the past week, the daily counts showed Nelson ahead by margins not much larger.

To put the margin in perspective, it is a tenth of a percent of the 11,900 voters who cast a ballot in this election. It definitely confirms that while not every vote makes a difference every time, the potential is always there.

Whether Nelson is re-elected doesn’t change the fact that a very different board of commissioners will be in charge in January.

Walt Nowosad’s lead hasn’t changed much since Election Day, which means he will likely be taking a seat on the board. And while Mark Gardner has recognized he still has to win in November, the odds are heavily against his Libertarian opponent in that race.

Steve Thaler used to refer to the majority on the Board of Commissioners as “the power of three,” and that’s a blunt, but accurate reflection, of how the board has worked over the past while.

We suspect that means anyone who has plans in Douglas County requiring action by commissioners will be rushing those over the next six months, and then will hunker down until the pendulum swings the other way.