Climate change questions |

Climate change questions


I like to watch the evening news and get tomorrow’s weather. I used to say “I like to see what the weatherman says it is going to be, not that we can change it or do anything about it!”

After hearing some people talking about climate change, etc. and that we are destroying this world with fossil fuels, my first thoughts were the old adage “the sky is falling.” But after listening to Thom Hartman news on Free Speech TV, I see some reason to re-evaluate the subject. Especially when I get today’s world weather reports. I’m far from an authority on anything, but the old saying “if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it must be a duck” always made sense to me. When I learned from climate change people that few degrees change in our oceans temperature could make drastic changes in our weather I put this in the old storage area up there for later evaluation. The CCP said changes we could see is the northeast United States and on over to Europe could become much colder like ice age conditions. With the recent weather in these areas it reminds me of the duck.

These thoughts bring me to wonder what the every day person will say about all this B.S. an old man puts in a letter. What can I do? I don’t know what you will do but as Harman says on his show “get active, you are it.” There are many things we can do to help our environment. And each of us have minds to come up with what we are willing to do, like recycling, planning trips to save time and money, turning down the heat in the house and wearing a sweater, driving slower and save gas. Coming into town the vehicle that passed me is just ahead of me at the light in town. What did he gain – one car length?

I know you think this old kook has nothing better to do so he writes this B.S. But what if the CCP are right and we are destroying this world? I can’t move to the moon yet and I’d like to finish my years right here. How about you? Have a good day.

Samuel Dupuis