Cleaning closets a good way to learn about your family |

Cleaning closets a good way to learn about your family

Lisa Welch

My parents wanted help taking down their Christmas decorations and my mother asked if I’d help her clean out her closet, even the shoes. If you think you know your parents well, help them clean their closet. Wow. It’s just like shopping after Christmas for a good deal you can’t pass and I call it my “find” which this year was a $300 leather jacket I found on sale for $30.

Well, my “find” in my mother’s closet was the prom dress I wore in ninth grade. Maybe I’ll save it for Jenee for in a few more years when she needs one.

How many pairs of black pants do you have in your closet? The tough question would be, how many clothes in your closet are the ones you are saving for when you lose a few pounds? Four large trash bags later and a trip to the thrift store and my mother’s closet looks pretty good. Now she wants me to take her shopping.

I was motivated to use my leftover energy from putting away our Christmas decorations to continue on to my closet. I have heard if you haven’t worn something in a year you need to donate it to someone else. Because we have seasonal weather I try to give myself two years. Seriously, how many pairs of black pants went into my trash bags? Out of style sweaters, uncomfortable shoes, parachute pants. This is so much fun.


As the Christmas presents are unwrapped there seems to always be something someone gave you that obviously doesn’t know you very well.

I can’t say what mine was this year because I would get in trouble with someone very close to me but re-gifting is a very good idea.

My friend got a cutting board from a relative of hers and she can’t wait to find someone who really needs one. I have another friend who got a “Snuggle” which she will never use and she can’t think of anyone in her circle who would use it. What kinds of things have you received and wanted to give away to someone else? Give me a call for a future article.

Bald eagle

I saw my first bald eagle of the season. It wasn’t down in the valley where the calves are but right here on East Valley between Slater Mine Road and Eldon Way just sitting on a fence post. Where was my camera?

Girl Scout cookies

It’s time again for the Girl Scouts to start the annual fundraiser. These are pre-sales so no money is collected just orders taken. Support your local girls. Thanks.

If you have something going on you’d like to share, give me a call.

Lisa Welch is a Johnson Lane resident and can be reached at 267-9350.