Christmas greetings |

Christmas greetings

by Kelly Kite

There have been numerous articles in the past couple of years telling us all of the dangers of Y2K, including a few predicting the end of the world as we know it. There were also some pretty ood “authorities” out there who made the same predictions of the world ending on New Year’s 1899! That didn’t happen. I’m fairly confident it won’t happen within the next 30 days or so. I’m also fairly confident that most Y2K fears will also pass with little or no consequences.

Looking back on my brief 50 years in this century (that will start the OLD jokes), I can see the amazing advances that have taken place. My father was born in 1900 and the advances made in the 20th century never ceased to amaze him. His generation went from the horse and buggy to the moon. Can we top that? If not, our kids probably can. I just can’t help but look forward to what is in store for us in anticipation, not in fear. I hear myself talking about “the good old days” more often than I used to, but I’m confident that the next generation will be calling the next few years their “good old days.”

I plagiarized the following two paragraphs from County Manager Dan Holler’s Christmas message to county employees. It was so very relevant, it needed printing. Thanks, Dan.

“If you take time to reflect on this past year, I believe you will find that 1999 has been a year of accomplishment for Douglas County. Each accomplishment is a reflection of the commitment and quality that make up our Douglas County staff. With all the hype surrounding the new millennium, it is easy to focus on only the larger issues of the year. Indeed the construction of a new Kahle Park facility, the passage of county-sponsored legislation and the opening of the new Target store, all are important to Douglas County. These must not overshadow the day-to-day operations of the county that touch the residents, businesses and visitors of the county every day.

“What makes Douglas County successful is that streets are fixed, pets are returned to their owners, children have a safe place to be following school hours, broken water lines are fixed, emergency calls receive prompt response, bills are paid, criminals are prosecuted, and a hundred other small items are faithfully done every day, resulting in a quality of life envied by others and cherished by each of us. The core of what they do will not change as we go into the next millennium. It is this willingness to meet challenges head-on, to solve difficult problems, to work together to find solutions, and to be responsive to the smallest request, creating an opportunity for others to enjoy where they live, work and play that makes every day a success. It will be the same commitment to working through the daily grind that will make the year 2000 successful.”

As you meet with family and friends during the upcoming holidays, keep in mind why we celebrate at this time of year and what the celebration is for. All that other stuff is just incidental.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours.