Choice key to our future |

Choice key to our future

The first woman in Douglas County history will put on judicial robes for a living when Cassandra Jones takes over the East Fork Justice of the Peace bench.

That it is 2018 and there are still a few ceilings left for women to break is a little surprising. We’ve yet to have a woman serve as sheriff or in the Legislature from Douglas County.

This year marks the first time a woman, Nancy McDermid, will have completed three terms on the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, hitting Nevada’s term limits.

While the justice of the peace race was a close fought one, Jones got an early start and as she points out didn’t quit until Election Day. Like the best campaigns, her’s was won on the ground.

She also benefitted from a substantial midterm effort to get out the vote.

According to the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office, 73.98 percent of the county’s active voters cast a ballot, with 10,162 of them showing up on Election Day.

That’s the best mid-term turnout since 2010, and the second best in the 21st Century.

We believe that voting is the key to saving our republic, but those who subject themselves to the electorate are its heroes. Congratulations both to those who won office on Tuesday and to those who gave us a choice.