Children learn about the Bible through games and activities |

Children learn about the Bible through games and activities

by Sarah Drinkwine

More than 80 Valley children attended the first of many vacation Bible schools last week at St. Gall Catholic Church and First Baptist Church.

The schools help them learn about God and understand the lessons and scriptures from the Bible through storytelling, arts and crafts and games.

Nine-year-old Kole Karwoski has been attending the school for two years. Kole was one of 44 campers at St. Gall’s Sonrise National Park Bible study Friday.

“I like to learn about God,” he said, “I think it’s fun.”

At St. Gall, children participated in activities such as relay games where they had to pick up slips of paper with verses from the Bible using straws.

They put together storybooks about Jesus and were taught about God, Jesus and His promises.

At the Busy Beaver Lodge, kids made nature collages and learned survival skills through another relay game.

This time the kids partnered up and raced to rub rocks together, shine a flashlight in a mirror and spell out SOS before the other teams.

“The kids have been real enthusiastic,” said Laurie Barnhill, St. Gall religious education director. “I think they’re having a great time.”

Forty children had a Wild Bible Adventure at the First Baptist Church Friday morning.

Colleen Nestroyl read the Bible story of Jesus and his disciples fishing three days after his resurrection while the children re-enacted what they heard.

They pretended to paddle a boat to shore to see Jesus and catch fish with pretend nets.

According to Nestroyl, when asked what they would do if they saw Jesus, some of the children said they would jump out of the boat and swim to him just like Peter did.

The Bible lessons were presented with decorative and imaginative sets of sea shells, blue satin fabric representing the ocean and brown fabric for the sand.

After the lesson the kids were given cheddar fish crackers and fish gummies.

“The kids like the interactions and the props,” said Nestroyl. “This is fun for me and it’s exciting to see their faces.”