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Change the law


I agree with comments made by Kaycee Green in support of her father, Randy Green. However, the law does prevent teachers from serving on the boards within their districts. Therefore, the law needs to be changed.

It seems unreasonable that the Legislature would have made such an exclusion simply to address conflicts of interest. Such an argument would prevent legislators from serving on legislative committees overseeing their professions. Yet, we see such situations frequently.

Mr. Green, I suggest that you conduct a thorough review of the law’s legislative history to determine the Legislature’s intent in excluding teachers from serving on school boards. Such an investigation may provide you with the ammunition needed to amend the law during the upcoming session. And then the people who overwhelmingly supported you can elect you again.

And to the board members, I hope they realize that every action taken during this next term will be closely scrutinized and that voters will remember during the next election.

Good luck, Mr. Green.

Philene O’Keefe

Indian Hills

Jan. 11