Change is good, but enough is enough |

Change is good, but enough is enough

by Sally J. Taylor, R-C News Editor

I’m about to move for the third time in two years. In the same period, I’ve worked three different jobs and lived in three different towns, not including the starting point.

It’s not that I’m an unstable sort of person.

My mother still lives in the house we moved to when I was 5-years-old, which is around the corner from the first home in my memory.

Before this moving-around stuff, I lived in South Lake Tahoe for 26 years, worked at the Tahoe Daily Tribune for most of 15 years and lived in the same house for 12 years. And even through this period of change, I’ve stayed with the same company, Swift Newspapers, that owns the Tahoe Daily Tribune,, the Nevada Appeal and The Record-Courier.

I’m used to stability. I like stability.

But sometimes, change is good. It challenges and creates opportunity for growth.

Posted on my cubicle wall is a card of encouragement sent by an old friend during my last transition — an unexpected transfer after my position was cut during last year’s economic slump and corporate belt-tightening.

The card shows butterflies in flight with an inscription that reads “Not afraid to fly.”

It’s become a motto of sorts and a reminder that I have many special friends rooting me onward and upward.

I’ve grown quite a bit through the last two years and discovered I can handle more change and challenges in my life than I ever thought possible. With help, I can keep my balance through periods of turmoil and uncertainty.

But now I’m ready for another type of change, that is, a return to stability.

As I settle into my desk as the news editor for the Record-Courier, I’m looking forward to organizing computer, files, Rolodex, and chair for the long haul. I’m looking forward to knowing where to find everything I need because that’s where I put it, not a predecessor.

Next week, I’ll be moving into a house in the Gardnerville Ranchos where I expect my personal roots to grow deep into the soil.

The home I’ll return to tonight, where I’ve lived 1-1/2 years, was just beginning to feel like mine. I’ll miss my neighbors. And I’ll miss not being there to watch the landscaping I planned and planted mature. But I’m also excited to make this latest transition and get started on stability.

I’ve already started planning changes to the garden in my new house. I know early next spring I’m going to move a few things around and create beds with my own unique style.

Even before my shovel sinks into the flower beds, I plan to plant a tree to shade the southwest corner.

This time, I expect to stick around to see the sapling turn into a mature shade tree.

Change is good, but enough is enough.

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