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Because Jo Ann Orange is a registered Democrat and has been president of Douglas County Democratic Women we know she was “open-minded” when she wrote her letter condemning the Douglas County Republican Women for donating some conservative books to the Douglas High School library. What is she afraid of? It appears she believes in censorship and not the First Amendment and free speech. Why does she think she knows what the GOP stands for?

It’s amusing to see Democrats cringe at the idea that there are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States who don’t agree with their liberal anything-goes philosophy. They don’t mind when tax-cheats are put in charge of the country’s finances. They are so tolerant that when anyone disagrees with them they want to shut them down. No fair criticizing President Obama. Wasn’t it Hilary Clinton who screamed that she was sick and tired of anyone who disagreed with President Bush being called unpatriotic? Why is it OK for the Democrats to say and do whatever they want – but not Republicans?

Why is it OK for any religion but Christianity to be celebrated? Christians are citizens of this country. As a matter of fact, all the arguments being made about church and state are twisted today. Nowhere is it written in the Constitution that God may not be mentioned. Our government may not say, “This is the only church you may attend.” This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principals as all of the national monuments reflect.

We grew up believing we lived in a free country. If it is necessary to inform parents about books their children might encounter, perhaps conservative parents should be warned about the liberal books their children may encounter. Soon folks may not have access to TV and radio shows they choose to hear and see because differing opinions are becoming problems for Democrats.

We expect Jo Ann would be in favor of that, considering her reaction to these books. Would you conclude that Democrats want censorship for any who disagree with them? Having all the power in Washington, D.C. at this time means they must hurry to control the people’s minds, money and health. Remember the Soviet Union and Pravda?

President Lorrene Palmer, First Vice President Corky Greer, Treasurer Beverly Perkins, Parliamentarian Sheryl Dilley, Co-Chairwoman Mamie Eisenhower Literacy Project Jean Tomlinsen, Brenda Roberts, Secretary Lilette Goodwin

Douglas County Republican Women