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Celebrating Tai Chi Day

by Jonni Hill

Last weekend, a first-year event, the Carson Valley Open Studios Art Tour, was a qualified success. All along the route, the art-tourists were met with enthusiasm and friendly welcomes by the artists who opened their studios to visitors.

The tour’s route took the participants on a beautiful ride through the Carson Valley as they made their way from Stop No. 1 off Centerville Lane in Sheridan, which was John Drube, and then traveling along Foothill Rd. to Hansen Lane and the Stop No. 2 for Annie Burbank.

Then it was on to Genoa to find Stop No. 3 at the Pink House and a potpourri of eight different artists, including Anna Benedict, Anna Louise Darden, J. Rene Ekleberry, Jonni Hill, Fox Carleton Hughes, Jani Lamoreux, Lee Reiner and Pamela Whitgob. Further down the road on Jacks Valley Road was stop No. 4 and 5, which were the studios of Sonnie Imes and Ulla Noor Warner.

Stops No. 6 through 8 took the tour across Highway 395 to the studios of Wolfgang Kohz, Helen Fanning and Sabina Bye as well as John and Nelle O’Neill. From there the tour headed back to Minden and Gardnerville to find Stop No. 12, the studio of Margie Leslie in the Winhaven area. Stop No. 9 was Michele Gabler and Susan Goodwin on First Street. Stop 10 was the Lone Tree Gallery and the studio of Bob Marcias on Esmeralda. Now on to Stop No. 11, which was Grafx8, Michael Nelson and Robin Chapin Frame House with Amy Fulstone. Stop No. 13 was the studio of Richard Rose located in Chichester Estates.

At stop No. 14, the co-op studios of Greg Drinkwine, Cynthia Davis and Betty Chessin which is located above the Rancho Grande Restaurant, the walls of the individual studio rooms were covered with beautiful works of the three artists.

When asked why they didn’t have their studio’s to the public all the time, Greg Drinkwine offered the explanation, which was also echoed by Davis and Chessin.

“This is where we work and it is really not possible to have the public filter in and out on a daily basis while we are trying to get work done.” he said. “But this open studio art tour is an excellent opportunity to allow people to come and see where and how we work.”

The Pink House in Genoa was set up as a satellite gallery for artists who lived in outlying area’s that would be too far for people to travel during this year’s event. Eight artists were given rooms so their art could take center stage.

In the main room there was a sampling piece from every artist participating in the tour and several artists on hand to answer questions about the tour and the different artists.

The use of the Pink House was so successful that the artists negotiated with David and Diana Groendyke to retain the Pink House for the week-end of Candy Dance so the artwork could continue to hang in the elegant old home.

In all, 11 artists will have their work on display for sale during the Candy Dance event.

The hours for the Pink House Gallery will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday.

There will also be a free raffle for a matted and framed picture of the Pink House by Mimi Jobe. All you have to do is go to the Pink House, enjoy the marvelous artwork on display by the many talented local Carson Valley artists and sign up to win the beautiful matted and framed print.

The Pink House on Genoa Lane across from the Mormon Station.

For details about the art displays, artists, or the free raffle, call J Rene Ekleberry at 782-1124.