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Celebrating Mass with new words

by Caryn Haller

Beginning the first Sunday of Advent, Nov. 27, St. Gall Catholic Church along with all other English-speaking Roman Catholic churches will implement new texts at all Masses.

For the past several months members of the liturgy committee at St. Gall have been brainstorming ways to make the upcoming changes to the Mass texts easier.

“We’re not throwing anything out, we’re just changing some of the words,” Father Paul McCollum said. “The language is quite a bit more formal.”

Originally, all Mass was conducted in Latin until the 1960s when it was decided to translate the texts into the local languages.

Recently, church officials in Rome decided they wanted a more formal English translation from the original Latin texts.

The wording changes will be in the greeting, creed, penitential act, eucharistic prayers and Gloria.

“The burden falls on the priest primarily because that’s where most of the changes are,” McCollum said. “We wanted to make it more faithful to the Latin.”

For example, in the greeting the priest will say, “The Lord be with you.” Now, parishioners will answer with, “And with your spirit.”

McCollum views the changes as an opportunity to return to the original Latin, and for the liturgy to become more formalized.

“It’s an opportunity for people who think Mass has become too casual to be pleased to see our worship can be enhanced by the structure of the language we use,” he said. “I’m excited to see how our people respond to it, and I’m hoping people will be open to the changes.”

For more information about the changes a booklet called “Understanding the Revised Mass texts” is available at St. Gall.

An instructional pew card will also be available at all Masses beginning Sunday.

St. Gall Catholic Church is located at 1343 Centerville Lane, Gardnerville. The phone number is 782-2852.