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Celebrate the earth

staff reports

Thirty years ago today, when the first Earth Day was celebrated, Carson Valley was a much different place.

The residents of 1970 and those who preceded them thought every day was Earth Day. The Valley’s small population, snow-capped mountains, wide open spaces, pristine streams and scenic Carson River lent an air of paradise to Douglas County.

We’ve spent the past 30 years trying to hang on to that dream.

Although the Valley has battled mightily to keep up with the growth and its attendant problems, Mother Nature needs some help.

Some people think part of the solution could lie in passage of the hotly-debated open space lands initiative or the Lincoln-Douglas exchange. Those measures seek to preserve large blocks of the Valley’s open space, to keep it green.

At issue is the other “green” – the money – it will take to float either measure. County leaders are evaluating language for a ballot measure to ask voters how much they would be willing to shell out so that ranchers and farmers won’t surrender their property to developers.

Meanwhile, the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, which keeps tabs on air and water quality, cautions us that we’re feeling the effects of increased air pollution from more traffic.

It’s encouraging to see that more recycling options will be available to residents in the coming months.

Among the many fine attributes that our friends from California bring with them when they move to Carson Valley is their willingness to recycle. We in the Valley could learn a thing or two from them about protecting Mother Nature’s resources.

Carson Valley’s next generation – our children and grandchildren – deserve that.