Catching the dachshund |

Catching the dachshund


In response to the lady about the loose dog on Downs and Fuller: I saw him at 9:30 a.m. Friday going up Downs. tried to get close; could not. Saw him at 1 p.m. Saturday; on Fuller, about four houses away from Johnson Lane. I got him to turn back toward Downs, but he took off into someone’s yard at Fuller and Jones streets. if all us retirees got together in the morning; pick a day, I think we could get him. I have a huge fish net, that if we got close enough, we could throw it on him, and catch him. I think one leg is out of the dog sweater he has on. He is scared, but seems to stay in this area. Please e-mail me at, and we can get group of us together.

Marian Mcaffee