Carson Valley a great place to live |

Carson Valley a great place to live


The Carson Valley is an example to the rest of the world! This community is truly that…a community. The people here, whether families with generations of histories, or folks new to the area, all seem to share the love of community. I have worked and played in many venues and situations in this Valley over the last 27 years, and I am sure that people are encouraged, given hope, and lifted up by the people that they meet here.

The best example, lately, that I have encountered was in the efforts of the committee working to put on the Jethro’s Charity Steak and Crab Feed for this year. The committee has tried to make this event a gift to non-profits who fill so many needs in the Carson Valley. This year the committee asked for letters from organizations who were willing to participate. We had 19 boards jump in to help make this event a success so that not just their organization, but all the organizations involved, could benefit financially from this event.

I have to admit, I thought that there would be those who said, ”If we aren’t guaranteed a certain amount, we aren’t going to participate.” I was wrong, not even one of those groups had that attitude. Instead they were encouraged to make this a successful community fundraiser and jump in to do whatever they could.

Thank you to all of you who have that positive, hopeful, collaborative spirit in our community…those who are willing to spend their time and resources to help others. It makes me, for one, proud to live, play and work in the Carson Valley.

Janice Rice