Carson-Tahoe’s first Valley baby born Tuesday |

Carson-Tahoe’s first Valley baby born Tuesday

Record Courier Staff Reports

Canyon Ray Scott was the first baby born from Carson Valley at Carson-Tahoe Hospital.

Canyon entered this world at 9:24 a.m. on Tuesday weighing in at 9 pounds. He is the son of Candy and Lee Scott of the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Canyon is boy number four for the couple who has called Carson Valley home for about 10 years.

Candy, 31, is an infant-toddler teacher for Alpine County and Lee, 45, works construction. The couple has been married for 11 years.

If it looks like we’re a little timid at reporting the first baby this year, it’s because we are. There’s nothing quite like reporting the first baby and finding out there was someone who had their child at home, like last year, so we’ll just ease into this one.

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The family of the last baby born at the hospital in 2004 is in for a treat. Again the Western Nevada Cattlewomen is providing a gift certificate for $50 worth of meat from Butler Meats.

“The first baby always gets more attention,” cattlewoman Michelle Weyland said.

The award is made based on information from the hospital and anyone who has had a baby at Carson-Tahoe is eligible.

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Kara Maricich sent in pictures of the igloo her son Dakota built with his dad, Frank.

The family lives at 847 Russell Way near Rancho Aspen Park and the igloo was an attraction in the neighborhood.

“We’ve had a lot of people stop and look, since it’s pretty unique,” she wrote on Monday.

Kara said it took Frank and 13-year-old Dakota 15 hours to make the igloo. Fortunately, there’s been no shortage of snow over the past week to use for building materials.

The 2-year-old Maricich twins, Chad and Sophia, love to play in it, Kara said.

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Some folks build igloos, others erect giant snowmen, I like to get in the Ranger and get stuck. That’s what I spent most of Saturday doing. I got up early, because when Jenn asked me the night before if we should go to Genoa to get the mail, I said we could always pick it up the next day. As usual, by the next day, there were 9 inches of snow on the ground and I was shoveling to get to the truck. Going out was fine, coming back was hairy. By the time I took a break and came back out, the snow had turned to slush, setting my wheels to spinning. It was great.

I met Daniel M. Hickey just after Christmas this year. Daniel is no relation to our Carson Valley Hickeys that he knows of, but he is a 1949 graduate of Carson High School.

A former public school teacher and union representative, he had a little bit to say about the Whittell Seven, which he has promised to memorialize in a letter to the editor.

However, for a Carson guy, Dan has been a pretty big supporter of the Carson Valley, even getting Carson High School’s 55th reunion at the Carson Valley Inn.

Dan joined the Marine Corps after graduating and was shot in the battle over the Chosin Reservoir in Korea.

He presently teaches at City College of San Francisco and visits friends in the Carson Valley on a regular basis.

We’re quietly observing The Record-Courier’s 125th anniversary with a few changes.

A few folks might have noticed the Sierra’s Carson Range in our banner has become a tad more robust and we’ve moved the weather into the center of the page from the righthand side.

The mountains were redacted back in the early ’90s when we were all crazy kids trying to be a little more hip, a little more with-it. Now we are older and perhaps a bit wiser and realize the errors of our ways.

As to the weather, we’ve got a new machine that prints the label right on the page. Since nothing can be in the way of the label, we’ve got to leave a blank spot.

We’d do more for the 125th, but we had our fill of birthday cake from the 100th anniversary of the merger between The Courier and the Gardnerville Record.

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