Carson could pay now for help later |

Carson could pay now for help later

Record Courier Staff Reports

Back in 1994, when Douglas County was struggling with its master plan and making a bid to purchase the old Dangberg property, Carson Mayor Marv Teixeira was quoted cracking wise about the county’s backwardness.

Here in 2007, Douglas is being described as aggressive and forward thinking by a longtime Carson City businessman, Michael Hohl.

Carson City is concerned that Hohl may establish an auto mall in northern Douglas County, taking a lot of sales tax revenue with him.

We wouldn’t presume to anticipate Mr. Hohl’s desire for an auto mall. He’s said publicly that he would like to have one and Carson City has said publicly they don’t have the room.

Douglas County Manager Dan Holler told members of the planning commission on Tuesday that there isn’t room for an auto mall in the redevelopment district, but that doesn’t mean that Hohl doesn’t have another card up his sleeve.

Should Hohl consolidate his dealerships on this side of the border, it would be a jackpot for Douglas County’s sales tax revenues.

Carson City benefitted from decades of sales tax income because of its proximity to Douglas and Lyon counties. Because it was able to receive that additional revenue it was able to build a community center, a senior center and an outdoor concert venue.

We feel bad that Carson may lose some of its auto dealers and their sales tax dollars.

Perhaps if the capital offered to share some of its sales tax revenue now, it might make Douglas more willing to talk about sharing some down the road.