Caring for the Valley’s wounds |

Caring for the Valley’s wounds


We have a new addition to Carson Valley Medical Center. It’s the Wound Care Center.

Reno and Carson City have one and now our town, Gardnerville, has one.

For those of you who do not know what a wound center is, just listen to what I have to say. I am sure you will appreciate it once you find out what it can do for you and your family. The wound care center is located in the hospital called Carson Valley Medical Center. It is managed by Lori, who also runs the infusion center. She has registered nurses working for her in the wound care center.

Now, here is what I am sure you will enjoy. Not just for the adults but also for the little ones. They can fix any kind of wound you may have. If it’s a hole in your leg, arm, or wherever, they can fix it and in a matter of days or weeks depending on how severe it might be.

That sore or wound will be healed by the registered nurses. Their knowledge of all wounds will heal and you will be left with nothing but a remembrance of what was.

Also, to make this wound that you may have received much better and feel better about yourself are the nurses that work there to make sure you are comfortable and that the sore is cleaned with care, and handled with gentle hands. That wound with the care of nurses and doctors work very hard to make sure it is healed and to your satisfaction.

So now I hope that when you have something wrong with you and it cannot be healed, that you will think of the wound care center. Where nothing’s too small or too big for the wound care center to heal you right up and send you on your way.

Janet Sciarani