Candy Dance was a longshot |

Candy Dance was a longshot

We should be used to things being canceled, but apparently it’s always a surprise.

Last week’s announcement of Candy Dance succumbing to the coronavirus outbreak shouldn’t have been a great shock to anyone.

Given that 30,000 people cram into tiny Genoa over a weekend in September, the event’s survival was a long shot a month ago, especially with the virus surging again in the intervening weeks.

There are a lot of moving parts to Candy Dance, including coordinating candy making, obtaining permits from the state to close Genoa Lane and Foothill Road, traffic control on Highway 395, the state Board of Health, the county among other things.

Candy Dance’s cancellation stings because the event raises 60-65 percent of the oldest settlement’s budget every year, directly replacing tax dollars.

While the town has sufficient reserves to survive the year, it will be a near thing.

Many of the events we hold dear in Douglas County are fundraisers designed to support public services, and the coronavirus has swept through them more effectively then the actual virus has through county residents. But without the cooperation from the state, there’s no way the town could handle all that on its own.

With just a few weeks before candy makers were going to have to start their hot work, a decision had to be made. While organizers suggested putting that choice off until closer to the end of the month, it was probably kinder to rip that bandage off and move on.