Candy Dance returns |

Candy Dance returns

This weekend tens of thousands of people will converge on Nevada’s oldest town for Carson Valley’s biggest annual event.

Estimates of the attendance at Candy Dance range from The R-C’s conservative 30,000 to the more expansive 50,000. Whatever number you pick, it’s a lot of people crowded into one very small corner of the Valley.

Genoans often joke that even if Candy Dance were cancelled, there would still be tens of thousands of people wandering about town on the last weekend of September.

Many residents arrange to be elsewhere during the weekend when the roads are clogged or closed, but we know they still appreciate the significance of all those people.

Because if Candy Dance didn’t draw the crowds, there wouldn’t be any reason for the Candy Dance vendors to book a spot. And if it weren’t for those 300-some vendors, the town wouldn’t be able to provide many of the services it does. If the town weren’t able to pay for those services, that cost would fall to county taxpayers.

That’s why regardless of where you live in Carson Valley, there is a real benefit to keeping the Candy Dance going.

While Lillian Virgin Finnegan is credited with much to do with Candy Dance, she didn’t achieve anything by herself. She was very much part of the community that saw a need, came up with a plan and executed that plan so successfully that we’re still enjoying the benefits a century later.