Candy Dance confusion |

Candy Dance confusion

Noreen Freund, left, and Jill Dubbs view nature photography for sale by Nature's Light Photography at the 2013 Candy Dance.
Jim Grant file photo | The Record-Courier


A number of people who attended the 93rd Genoa Candy Dance crafts fair were confused by what they perceived as changes in the Candy Dance policy requiring vendors to present handmade goods. Some people noticed goods that were not handmade, with some even marked “Made in China”.

No, Genoa Candy Dance has NOT changed its policy. All Candy Dance vendors must submit to a jurying process designed to weed out goods that are not handmade. What many people do not realize is that there are four separate crafts fairs taking place in Genoa on Candy Dance weekend, and the Town of Genoa has no control over the goods sold by the vendors of the other three fairs. This is not to say the other fairs necessarily feature inferior or manufactured goods; it’s just to say those vendors are not subject to the Candy Dance vendor jurying process.

The other fairs are the Peddler’s Faire (located at the south end of Genoa) and the two fairs held at the White House B&B and La Ferme Restaurant. Because these last two fairs are in the middle of Genoa and located right next to Candy Dance vendors, it’s difficult to tell which vendors are with Candy Dance and which are not.

Next year, if you wish to patronize the carefully-selected Candy Dance vendors, please be sure to look for the Candy Dance permit posted in the booth of each official Candy Dance vendor.

We sincerely appreciate your patronage and look forward to continuing this fun and beneficial event in the Town of Genoa.

Alison & Roger Grey