Campaign season is here |

Campaign season is here

We are 363 days out from the Nov. 6, 2018, General Election, and the first trickles of a torrent of campaigning are starting.

While November will be the culmination, we find the June primary is of more interest in Douglas County.

With a substantial majority of voters here registered Republican, the primary will see the conclusion of any partisan races, which include county commissioner and most of the constitutional offices.

We love publishing candidates’ announcements, and try to do our dangest to make sure everyone gets a fair shake. That means keeping them off the front page for the most part.

We know the key to a good turnout is a dramatic contest, and we’re hearing that there will be some good contested races this time around.

Douglas County has a reputation for enthusiastic voters, and we believe part of our duty to our community is to supply those voters with the information they require to make good decisions.

Letters to the editor, where our readers get to weigh in on their favorite candidates, are a big part of that formula.

Candidates are allowed to write a letter per election. We suggest that it’s always better to get someone else to defend you than to do it yourself, but we’re happy to help.

The other letters rules, which appear below this column, apply.

Here’s looking forward to a great campaign season.