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Bumpy ride for roads

Douglas County residents tend to have a visceral response to taxation, to the point where even asking voters for an increase for a specific project turns into a firestorm.

The county’s roads have been a touchy subject for as long as people have been building them here.

Building the bridge across the Carson River to East Fork was a huge controversy in the 1870s.

One of the driving forces for the V&T Railway’s arrival in Minden was the state of the county’s roads, according to The R-C at the dawning of the 20th Century.

At one point in the 1940s, the state of Waterloo Lane was the topic of criticism by the grand jury.

We’ve been reporting on the state of the county’s roads in places like old Johnson Lane and Topaz Lake for years.

On Tuesday, county commissioners will be holding a workshop on the costs of putting the roads right.

Paying for that work has resurrected the idea of establishing a road maintenance district that was discarded in 2014.

Other suggestions include an increase in the utility fee or a sales tax, both of which are permitted by Nevada law.

Those other suggestions are complicated by the fact that there are parts of Douglas County that successfully maintain roads within their jurisdictions.

Many of the county’s improvement districts and towns tax their residents to maintain those roads.

We’ve heard some of the folks who live outside of those districts suggest perhaps the county should eliminate them and absorb their revenues.

We’re not certain that would have the desired effect, and could lead those residents outside of their jurisdictions to have to pay the difference anyway.