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Budget site great resource

We spent Monday morning online paging through the county’s department budgets instead of watching the eclipse.

The new site, located at https://douglascountynv.opengov.com/ allows anyone with web access to dig around the county’s finances.

The cloud-based site hosted on OpenGov.org came up Monday and will be a big hit with our wonkier residents.

Before Monday, it took a phone call or an e-mail to find out the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office budget was $16.6 million. Now it’s available at the click of a button.

Or how about Minden Tahoe Airport, whose capital outlay went up to $3.7 million this year thanks to grants from the federal government. That brings the airport budget up to $6.1 million, nearly three times last year’s $2.2 million.

Nevada’s oldest town has one of Douglas County’s smallest budgets at $644,419. One of the things we found when we looked was that it doesn’t appear department revenues have been loaded. We would love to know how much Candy Dance raised or how much money building permits bring into the county.

Also some departments require some work drilling down to their budgets.

Otherwise, we’re pretty impressed with the site, and hope that it will grow as it is updates weekly.

Covering the county budget is one of the most complicated and driest journalistic endeavors. We believe it’s important because we believe the public should know where its tax dollars are going.

This should be a help in not only finding out where the county spends our money, but perhaps in providing guidance to our leaders as to where we would prefer it to be spent.