Bringing Tai Chi and Quigong to the world |

Bringing Tai Chi and Quigong to the world

Special to The RC


After the mountains come the valleys. After April 27’s annual World Tai Chi and Qigong Day 2013 in Minden, I’m feeling a little let down, but relaxed, but cannot let the day go by without acknowledging the many people and organizations which helped make the day a success. The weather was great, and we had about 70 people participating and leading the program.

The planning started almost a year ago, when the Douglas County Recreation Department made arrangements with the Town of Minden to use the town park, gazebo and sound system for the day. Thanks to both these organizations. Then Diane Ortenzio-Cooling of the Sierra Dojo set up her computer for the event flyers and postcards for the 2013 event. Thanks to her for that necessary effort. Without it we wouldn’t have been able to get the publicity taken around to places like the Dragon Spring Martial Arts shop and the local CATV studio. Then Ginny Cardenas and myself started getting the program together. The Reno group joined in, Syena Sowden again consented to come in from Fallon for the day to lead her section, and Ginny had the great idea to have Journey Harasin play her gong and Tibetan bowls for background sound. Linda Javier from Carson handled the registration (with a little arm twisting), and Mary Nagel from Carson took many pictures and video, which I still have to send on to Bill Douglas in Kansas to be posted on the WTCQD web site. Steve Burt again handled the sound system, microphones and control board. Many thanks to all involved in the day’s activity.

Tradition is a funny thing. Once an event is established, it seems to perpetuate itself. Discussions after the close of the ceremony came up with many ideas. Kim Sigler of Reno was wearing a Reno Taiko T-shirt, and thought, after Journey’s involvement, maybe the Taiko drummers might be persuaded to come down next year. Steve Williams, who was involved in the 2003 WTCQD event, and is now back in the Tai Chi classes, thought he might get his students to do the first section of the Yang Long Form. Who knows what form next year’s program might take? We may have to go for three hours instead of two. Time will tell.

Again, my thanks to all who helped make this 2013 WTCQD a success.

Earl Mussett