Bring the Dough Re Mi |

Bring the Dough Re Mi

Nearly 18 years after first working on Minden’s Plan for Prosperity consultant Bruce Race has a few questions.

“What happened to Muller Parkway?”

“Why can’t Minden have a proper grocery store?”

We believe the best answer comes from boxer Mike Tyson, who said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

In Carson Valley, the Great Recession and the collapse of the housing market was the one-two punch that dropped our economy like a sack of potatoes.

The last attempt at a Minden grocery store was Lira’s, which closed Oct. 2, 2010 after 2 ½ years.

One need only look at the empty field of streets, curb and gutter to its northwest to know one of the causes.

The failure of a variety of approved projects along its route can also be blamed for Muller Parkway not being closer to completion.

That and the fact there’s no money to build the county’s portion makes the parkway an increasingly unlikely outcome.

Even if there was money, trucks would still be rolling through Minden and Gardnerville, so as bypasses go, it’s pretty useless.

We would love nice downtowns with safe pedestrian access and a prosperous business community.

Gardnerville has strived mightily to convert its downtown into someplace people would like to stop and explore.

Those efforts are not going unnoticed, but there is only so much Main St. Gardnerville, or a plan for prosperity can do.

The Bently Heritage Project was envisioned in the Minden plan nearly two decades ago. But it’s coming to fruition because a single entrepreneur had a vision for the old mill and butter factory.

That proves the lesson taught by the founding of Minden 114 years ago. Plan all you want, but nothing succeeds like large quantities of cash.