Bring back our lights |

Bring back our lights


It is a sad world that we live in when someone feels the need to steal something form someone else. Last night, Aug. 24, under the cover of darkness, some coward chose to enter our front yard to steal our recently purchased lovely solar landscape lights … all eight. They had the audacity to come right to our front door. We take pride in our yard and home and feel very violated.

We are saddened that our country has come to the place where people feel that it is their right to have whatever they want, even if this means taking it. We have handed people everything on a silver platter with no regard to having to earn what is desired. What has happened to respect for other people’s property? What has happened to the belief in “Thou shalt not steal?” Have the morals of this country gotten so low that it has become a “gimmie, gimmie, gimmie” state of mind?

It is not the cost of these lights that were stolen that bothers us. It is the violation of our property and the decline of the morals of this country that would send someone onto someone else’s property to take such an item. What drives such a person?

We certainly hope that this individual needs those lights more than we do. We will pray that this person sees the error of their ways and returns these beautiful lights to our home … no questions asked.

Christy and Tim Smith