Bridgette DeBoer: Brave and daring |

Bridgette DeBoer: Brave and daring

Bridgette DeBoer

Being human is quite amazing. The process of our thoughts correlating with our perspective and then forming our reality is both spectacular and unforgiving. What we believe truly effects our day-to-day living, which is a culmination of our past, present and future.

Have you ever asked yourself “Is this all there is?” This is a very powerful inquiry. It by no means suggests being ungrateful or lacking in stride. It is a ponderous space of inner reflection. Asking yourself this beckons questioning all that you believe to be true. This is courageous, to be able to suggest and investigate your belief system possibly being fallible.

If, for example you were born into an environment in which you intuitively filled a need of service to those around you and this became the foundation of your existence, then you most likely forgot about or overlooked your own needs along the way. This happens quite often in families. Everyone plays an unspoken role; many times these roles are not who we truly are but more who we think we are supposed to be. At some point serving others may lack satisfaction. You may find yourself asking the cosmos “is this all there is to life?” The simple truth is the answer will come to those who seek.

What if the answer questions your whole foundation of beliefs about your purpose? Are you willing to set aside all that you believe to entertain something entirely new? No matter what leads you to the question, you will find mistruths along the way. Those who are willing to look deeply into these confabulations will most surely find peace in the process. Letting go of what you believe to be true in order to make room for the embrace of what you have evolved into is brave and daring.

No one ever said we have to live with unwavering beliefs about how we choose to embrace ourselves in the world. And if someone did suggest this to you, then that is surely something to question.

Bridgette DeBoer M.A., is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor, marriage and family therapist. She can be reached at 450-6632.