Borders Benefit Sept 4-5 helps Austin’s House |

Borders Benefit Sept 4-5 helps Austin’s House

Staff Reports

Austin’s House hosts Borders Benefit Days on Sept. 4 and 5 at three area Borders stores and at Austin’s House will receive a portion of sales of books, movies, music, educational toys and games from purchases made at Borders at 911 Topsy Lane in Carson City, and both Borders stores in Reno.

A special voucher must be used at the time of the sale to direct the donation to Austin’s House. Use promo code AUST945F for online orders.

Vouchers available at, at Austin’s House, 3589 N. Sunridge Drive, or from Borders cashiers at purchase. Information, 267-6711.

Austin’s House is the only emergency children’s shelter in rural Northern Nevada. The children are placed at Austin’s House after being removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. These children have no place else to go. Austin’s House provides the basic living necessities including proper nutrition, hygiene, rest, nurturing, recreation, companionship, education and life skills training. Austin’s House has cared for more than 140 children since opening in September 2007.