Bonner out of touch |

Bonner out of touch


Mr. Bonner is so out of touch with our county that when he filed to run in March, he didn’t even know that he would be representing District 2. He showed up with a camera crew, paid the filing fee in 100 $1 bills and claimed that he had lived here five years. According to his Linked-In resume, he didn’t move here until March 2006.

Lee wants the county to develop the wine and grape growing industry here in Nevada. What he doesn’t know: Tahoe Ridge Winery initiated Nevada vineyard development in 1990 and produced the first commercial wine grown from Nevada grapes in 2001, and became the largest single producer of wine in Nevada in 2008.

For the complex issue of water rates, Lee promises a better solution. His solution: Reverse the decision. What he doesn’t know: there is no decision to reverse. The old system was broken, unsustainable and improperly funded due to the actions of the previous county manager and prior commissioners. The current county commissioners are working very closely with staff, their consultant and the water system users to fix the problems.

Lee wants to organize FAM trips to recruit businesses to Douglas County. FAM trips are paid for by the entity trying to attract the businesses. The cost includes air fare, car rentals, meals and lodging. Lee’s solution: Ask our struggling businesses to foot the bill.

Mr. Bonner, who doesn’t own property in Douglas County, complains about increased property taxes and says he “feels our pain.” What he doesn’t know: property taxes increased as a result of AB 489 which was enacted by the Legislature in 2005, one year before GE transferred Lee to Douglas County. His solution: Reverse a decision that he would have no power to reverse.

Lee wants priority based budgeting now. What he doesn’t know: Commissioner Brady advocated for priority based budgeting for the past four years, and this year, commissioners employed it with great success.

Lee blames Commissioner Brady for increased fees and taxes. What he doesn’t know: Commissioner Brady voted against the utility tax and the business license fee. Dave has been an advocate for low fees, low taxes and a business friendly climate in Douglas County.

If you’re tired of the same old empty political promises and want a county commissioner who is a small business owner in Carson Valley for 23 years and counting, knows the facts, speaks the truth, has proven that he has the leadership experience and will use his financial expertise on behalf of Douglas County, vote for Dave Brady.

Margaret Pross