Blind Dog guides sight impaired |

Blind Dog guides sight impaired


Our Sight Impaired Support Group was invited to tour and taste Blind Dog Coffee Roasters by Mark Berry on Nov. 7. Mark was very knowledgeable, informative and entertaining.

The tour included all aspects of coffee. The bean is really a seed.

Mark covered different areas of the world for growing, climate and taste.

He purchases coffee through brokers and must buy quantity. The roasting process is delicately timed. The coffee has to be stored according to the different types and then packaged according to the orders which came in. Packaging includes weighing, bagging, labeling. Then boxed for shipping to stores like Costco and Raley’s. There are also coffee tasters like wine tasters who rate coffee. We ended the tour tasting coffee.

Did you know dark roast has less caffeine than light roast? Our Sight Impaired Support Group was very impressed. Comments were outstanding, excellent and amazing. Mark can do it all. Mark Berry is totally blind.

Thank you Mark Berry and Blind Dog Coffee roasters.

Sight Impaired Support Group

Nancy Andrews