Better warmth than the alternative |

Better warmth than the alternative

R-C Editorial Board

The alteration of the route of the Parade of Lights could have been handled better, but it’s hard for anyone to rely on tradition as an argument for the longer route.

For its first four years the annual Christmas parade’s route bypassed every Gardnerville business by traveling from the Senior Center down Douglas Avenue and then on to Minden.

We agree that most of the businesses on Main Street down at Waterloo are probably OK with the parade route’s change.

And we’re sympathetic with the downtown businesses, which not only won’t be on the parade’s route, but will also be behind the barricades, making it difficult to reach any of them.

Hopefully next year we can come up with a compromise route that will allow either the parade to go by or customers to reach the downtown businesses.

There’s a reason we chose this time of year to begin lighting up for the holidays. Early darkness and cold temperatures tend to bring spirits down in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year. We can’t replace the sun, but we can add some stars to the sky.

We don’t mind having a little heat, in the form of the controversy over the parade this year. But far better to have that warmth come from the holiday spirit engendered in our many holiday celebrations this week.