Better news to cover |

Better news to cover


I would think that there are far more pressing issues facing Douglas County than some hurt feelings. You know, things like economic recovery, budget shortfalls, jobs and water to name just a few. I for one am tired of the perpetual naysayers spewing the same old tired rhetoric month after month.

I do not see them putting themselves out there for public office, only criticizing those that have.

Members of advisory boards are appointed by and serve at the discretion of the county commissioners.

Their purpose is to provide concise, impartial, non-partisan information on items in order for the county commissioners to make the best possible decision based upon the information provided to them.

I would much rather see sensational headlines touting the good things happening in Douglas County than what I saw in the Jan. 14 paper.

Surely The Record-Courier’s award winning writers could ferret something out.

There is far too much negativity in our country already and I think it is time to shut the door on fostering that same negativity in our community.

Elaine Agnason