Bells of kindness |

Bells of kindness


At one time or another each of us needs a simple act of kindness in our lives. The Partnership of Community Resources would like to thank the following people for their acts of kindness to us as well as to the community for hanging, making, stringing, or just getting the word out about our project. First of all, thank you Kurt Hildebrand for the wonderful article you wrote for us in the Oct. 8 issue of The Record-Courier. A big thank-you to our volunteer bell hangers Mary, Marty, Jacob, and Joey Swisher, Carolyn Proto, Judy Williams, Travis Lee, Jim Norton, Melinda, David, and Michelle Matus, Karen Beckerbauer, Lizzie Nunez, and Dori Draper who slipped out in the early morning hours so as not to be caught.

Also many thanks to Sherese Settelmeyer for her help in stringing the bells. We would like to give a special thank you to Lorraine Felix who continually gives us her guidance and support to keep this project going and all of you, which there are too many to name, who helped mold, paint and string the bells. If you find a bell please take it or pass it on to someone you know who is in need of a simple act of kindness and when you find a bell please take a moment to let us know by e-mail how the bell touched you.

There will be another bell hanging in the spring.

Linda Gilkerson

Prevention Coordinator

Partnership of Community Resources