Be prepared for winter weather |

Be prepared for winter weather

Despite all the downed trees, flooded streets, icy roads, demolished fences and days without power, Carson Valley residents really have a lot for which to be thankful.

Chief among them, is that no injuries were serious enough to be reported to authorities.

Weather-weary residents can also expect streets to be plowed and power restored in a matter of days — be they long, cold, dark days. In other parts of the world, such a loss of infrastructure could result in a total loss of electricity for an indefinite period of time.

Our brush with the more destructive side of nature should also remind us that we live in an environment that can play havoc with our modern conveniences. Especially during the winter months, weather conditions can pull the plug on the electricity, heat, and water we unthinkingly depend on.

It shouldn’t take us by surprise. It’s part of the price we pay for living in a rural setting with Currier & Ives views.

Be prepared for nature’s furry.

Keep extra water on hand and food that can be eaten cold. Be sure you have a manual can opener.

Keep flashlights where you can find them in the dark — with live batteries as well as extras. Candlelight can be pleasant, but dangerous. Keep flames away from anything flammable and do not leave unattended.

Don’t forget that pets need extra attention too. In cold weather, keep them inside if possible, or at least provide a warm, dry spot and extra food.

Be ready for travel delays or even becoming stranded. Food, water, warm clothes, blankets and flashlights are more important than cassettes and CDs. Keep your gas tank full and have something to help get you out of a snow bank or mudhole. Besides a snow shovel, sand, kitty litter or an old piece of carpet pushed under a stuck tire can provide enough traction to get out.

Carson Valley weather can be beautiful, but also destructive and frustrating. Be ready. Be smart.