Be careful this holiday |

Be careful this holiday

With nice weather, there will be a lot of folks out on the road today and Thursday looking to get to grandmother’s house, or wherever Thanksgiving takes them.

The number of trips of 50 miles or more increases by 54 percent during the six days surrounding Thanksgiving, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Thanksgiving itself is the busiest day on the roads.

Fifty miles doesn’t get you very far in Nevada, roughly the distance from Gardnerville to downtown Reno, something most of us consider pretty local. So if you’re going anywhere further, you’re in the midst of the travel crowd. Gas prices are forecast to be the lowest since 2010, even in Western Nevada, where gas tends to be expensive.

All that adds up to a pretty busy holiday on the roads. If you’re traveling this week, remember that you’re carrying precious cargo, even if you’re the only one in the car. Get plenty of rest, take it easy, and whether you’re driving through Nevada’s vast deserts or over the mountains to California, be prepared for trouble.

Carry warm clothes, water and food because you never know when you might be stranded.

Here’s wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and hoping that we’re all back safe when the holiday’s over.