Bay Area band to perform at Jethro’s Saturday |

Bay Area band to perform at Jethro’s Saturday

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Forrest Day, who’s releasing his self-titled full-length debut on the Ninth Street Opus label, is playing Saturday at Jethro’s.

The band plays a melange of rock, rap, jazz, reggae, and other influences.

“A lot of the music has this kind of laughing-at-life type of feel-a tragicomic attitude,” Day said.

Day’s confessional songwriting dabbles in social commentary about corporate greed (“Hoarders”) and our overmedicated society (“Meds”), among other concerns. But he returns again and again to everyday struggles common to itinerant musicians and non-musicians alike: bad bosses, lost jobs, debt collectors, and the girlfriend as muse or unwitting patron of the arts.

Band members include guitarist Terrell Liedstrand, a bandmate of Day’s since they were both 15, and bassist John Sankey, another high school buddy. Keyboard player Nick Wyner also came on board when the band was founded in 2006, and Jasper Skydecker joined up as their first full-time drummer a year later.