Backing Reid |

Backing Reid


What’s your voter IQ? Why are you voting for a particular candidate and what is their platform? Have you done your homework? Have you met the candidate? Have you researched their past performance and know what their plans for our future are?

It takes time, folks, but it’s our civic duty. Please, don’t rely on other’s opinions, commercials or gossip. This is an off-year election, but it’s also a crucial election. As chairman of the Douglas Dems, I’ve knocked on hundreds and hundreds of doors. Many voters are downright angry, to the point of spewing the message of hate. “Dump Harry” and others are deplorable signs. No public servant deserves that, especially Harry.

Let me tell you why I’m supporting Harry: He brought $1.2 billion in stimulus funds to Nevada; he’s saved thousands of jobs; he chose me over big insurance companies by bringing healthcare, huge for this small business owner; he worked on reforming Wall Street, making it safe for us to invest; he’s holding lenders accountable, keeping folks in their homes. I’ve heard personal stories: the recently diagnosed diabetic child who now has healthcare; the daughter who is keeping her home because Wells Fargo was made to honor the refi; the senior couple in the Medicare doughnut hole trying to save a life from cancer. Harry’s fighting for us on the frontlines, folks. He needs our support and we need him fighting for us in Washington. Please diversify your information sources, confirm what seems crazy, and distinguish opinion from fact. I can defend every candidate I’m supporting with facts. Can you?

Nancy Epstein

chairwoman Douglas Democrats