Backing Penzel |

Backing Penzel


What I like about Barry Penzel, who is running for county commissioner, is that he is not beholden to any special interest group, unlike the current incumbent, Michael Olson. I have met with him several times and discern a strong sense of ethics – a principled man. How do I know that? Well, in my many years on this planet, I’d like to believe that I am a pretty good judge of character. As a former sailor, I would say that I like the “cut of his jib.”

Barry and I haven’t always agreed with each other. However, I came to respect him as an independent thinker – one who stands by his principles. I sense that he will be guided by that inner voice of fairness.

Barry Penzel and his wife have been residents of Douglas County since 1992. His background experience is highly relevant to the current needs of our county government and the people who, if elected, he will serve. His background is very impressive: a retired colonel, U.S. Army, with 25 years as a ranger, aviator and combat leader, who recently retired from operating a business in the geothermal industry. He has entrepreneurial experience and has taught economics at the college level. As a leader and good thinker, I believe he will be a real asset to the people of Douglas County.

I urge you to vote for Barry Penzel for county commissioner. Without any special interest bias, I am confident he will fairly represent all the people of Douglas County and endeavor to do the right thing on their behalf.

John H. Garvin